Friday, January 11, 2013


Craving a unique, cool, relaxed spot to hang out with a friend, watch some live, local music, and eat some great homemade food while you’re at it?  Icehouse has what you’re looking for.  Even when there isn’t live music playing they still make sure to give you the ultimate smooth, jazz feeling.  Sitting in the middle of the restaurant surrounded by tall ceilings and long wooden frames I had a feel of a ski lodge mixed with a warm, intimate venue with some great decorations - like the carboy light fixtures which were great!  Here’s a little taste:

 I think the moment I knew I loved this spot is when while immersed in my amazing bowl of shrimp gumbo, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ came on, but with a jazzy twist that I had never heard before.  I almost forgot I was right on 25th and Nicollet, which is another thing that makes this place a perfect place to get away!

The Menu:
Offering four different menus depending on the time of day (lunch, dinner, snack, and brunch), Icehouse does a great job with comfort food for all tastes.  Their menu definitely isn’t something you’ll find at any other restaurant, in a very good way!  Take for instance the shrimp gumbo I had topped with a chicken wing for a twist.   This was amazing, huge pieces of shrimp, scallops, and pork tenderloin with great spice.  You can also get Bangers (sausage) & Mash, Scottish Salmon, Beef Short Rib Stroganoff, and Hash.  I’m not even skimming the top of it with that list either.  They also have great breakfast options, delicious snacks, and ice cream/sorbet selections you won’t find many other places.  Need and example?  How about beat sorbet , tobacco ice cream and smoked chocolate ice cream!   Not to leave out their beverages either, who could after seeing these!  You can get a Bloody Mary garnished with a mini-doughnut, or if you’d rather have a Screwdriver with a twist you’ll have to try the ‘WanDangSuperTang’.  I can’t wait to keep coming back to try another unique item on one of their inimitable menus!

The Price:
Prices are what you’d expect for Nicollet's eat street, but you definitely pay for quality food.  Lunches range from $11-$15, dinner from $18 - $22, small plates, desserts and snacks around $8, and beverages mainly range from $6 - $11.  You can also get a scoop of one of their many ice cream and sorbet selections for $2!  And daily late night specials, like $5 Tequila & Tacos Tuesday, and $6 Dawg & Tallboy Saturdays. 

The Service:
Icehouse can get busy and it definitely depends on the day, time, and if there’s live music playing so it might be a good idea to check out their website first if you’re wanting a quiet night (Icehouse ).  They do take reservations during their dinner and brunch hours if you want to lock down your munching spot.  Staff is friendly, and relaxed yet insightful and knowledgeable of the menu options.

Icehouse is just a great, unique, and easy to fall in love with restaurant.  The feel of the large open rooms and tall ceilings paired with the music and the unmatchable, strange, yet awesome and delicious menu, this is a place everyone should try, and try again. 

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