Thursday, October 25, 2012

Buster's on 28th

Craving a relaxed bar you can go to, small enough that you’ll be noticed but loud enough you won’t feel like you’re walking into a silent movie theater?  Buster's on 28th is your spot.  This is a great place to come for some delicious bar food, great craft beer selection, quick service, and a little bit of laughter and rowdiness.  Great place to come to blow off some steam after a long day at work, or just to come have a beer with a friend.  Located on the North side of Lake Hiawatha, right on - you guessed it - 28th Ave.  Buster’s makes a fantastic neighborhood bar and restaurant and is not to be overlooked!

The Menu:
Their menu ranges from pizza and burgers to Po-boys and Panini.  From the buns to the meat, their burgers and sandwiches here are incredible.  One option you won’t be disappointed with (or left hungry with) is their Beer Braised Beef Sandwich.  Here’s some homemade comfort food at its best, just check out this picture:

It’s filling in all the right ways, juicy, with great flavor and tied together with a nice big bun and chipotle cream cheese.  I heard their burger has won awards but this sandwich has got to be in the running as well!  I also tried the Turkey Panini, easy to eat, light, simple, and mouthwatering.  Also, if you want to put a little spin on your sandwich or burger you can add all sorts of ingredients for a dollar, such as fried onions, mushrooms, bacon, beets, and blue cheese crumbles.
I also must mention the beer selection.  They have a wide variety to choose from, many which are local, and some great seasonal selections as well.  Some local taps include Fulton Sweet Child of Vine, Harriet West Side, Rush River Lyndale Brown, and Surly Furious.  Keep in mind these are subject to change but either way, as you can see, they have great taste in their beer selections.  They also have a ‘build your own beer flight’ where you can pick five of your favorite drafts and turn it into a nice flight of beer, which you might need to do if you can’t decide on which of their fabulous beers to get!

The Price:
Their dishes are very reasonably priced, especially given the sizes of some of them!  Their burgers are just $10, and most their sandwiches are $10 or less.  Served with your choice of fries, sweet potato fries (I highly recommend), chips, and other options.  Appetizers range from $4 - $12, most places don’t have anything on their menu for $4!  Beer prices aren’t bad either.  Most tap selections are either $5 or $6 and the ‘American Beer Flight’ is $14.

The Service:
I was really impressed with the service here, and this is with it jammed packed!  We were seated almost immediately, had waters right away, and our beverage order taken before we even knew what we wanted!  They were thorough, to the point, and quick – what more could you ask for!  Food came out before we knew it and we were actually out the door so quick I wondered how long we were even there! 

With their wide-ranged beer selection and classic American bar menu, you might want to stay for one more beer.  Buster’s on 28th is a great place to visit.  I loved the neighborhood feel of the restaurant and relaxed atmosphere.  Laugh out loud with a friend and enjoy some fantastic food and beer!
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