Friday, October 12, 2012

Broders' Pasta Bar

Hidden in the neat area of 50th and Penn is an amazing Italian restaurant as well as a great kept secret.   Broders' Pasta Bar is charming, romantic, warm, and the food is something to talk about.  I love the unique set up of the restaurant with a bar wrapping around a wine-dispensing contraption and metal strainers used as light fixtures.   It has a cozy feel with great decorations, flowers, candles, and seasonal decor.  It’s relaxed, yet very classy and impressive.  I’ll recommend this restaurant for anyone that loves great Italian food for an even greater price and a fantastic atmosphere.

The menu:
Their menu is full of fresh, authentic Italian dishes inspired from a trip to Bologna, Italy by the owners back in 1980.  Their egg noodles are made in-house on a daily basis, ensuring only the freshest of ingredients.  Their menu changes seasonally which is a nice way to get us coming back to see what’s new.  Oil and bread is served prior to your meal, and if you happen to be a wine-o you’ll certainly be pleased with their wine selection and dispensary. 
When I was there I ordered the ‘ravioli con cucuzza’ which is house made butternut squash ravioli with walnuts and a taste of sage.  It was absolutely delicious!  Each flavor was matched together perfectly; certainly a great Fall dish but I could eat this every day!
I also had the pleasure of trying their ‘fettuccine con manzo’ which includes beef tenderloin, zucchini and mascarpone cheese.  This dish was absolutely delicious as well, in fact my boyfriend stated this was the best pasta he has ever had, which I couldn’t disagree with after trying!  You can taste the thoughtfulness of each dish, each ingredient complementing the other in a simple, yet flawless way.

The price:
The best part about this restaurant is its amazing quality of food, professional service, and amorous atmosphere with prices that aren’t going to break the bank.  Most dishes range from about $9 to $16, appetizers between $8 and $12, and a nice price range for their wine list so you can get an expensive bottle of wine or a not-so-expensive bottle, ½ bottle, or by the glass.  I loved the variety of the wine options.    

The service:
Instead of sitting at a table we were sat right at the wrap-around bar so our server was always somewhere along the bar area which was very nice and made for excellent service.  From here you can even watch your meal being prepared in the kitchen right in front of you.  They were very professional, yet emitted a warm sense of friendliness at the same time.  I was very impressed with the service here from walking in the door and being greeted to walking out.  Do be prepared for a little bit of a wait if you go during regular dinner hours…but the wait is worth it, especially if you grab a glass of wine and relax in their waiting area, even there has a great feel – see my picture below:

Broders’ Pasta Bar is a great place for a romantic date to celebrate an anniversary or just because.  If you’re looking for a nice precooked Italian meal right in your home their menu is also available for takeout - or you can even buy some of their ingredients to make your own dishes at home with your own spin to it!  Don’t miss out on one of the best Italian restaurants in the area; make it soon to check out the Fall seasonal menu!
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