Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group

Don’t let the name fool you, The Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group is far from the cafeteria you probably remember from your school days.  It smells much better and you won’t see any ‘Italian Dunkers’ on the menu.  It’s a unique place to come for happy hour with some friends or reserve a lounge area on their sky bar for your next special occasion and enjoy the amazing view.  It’s located on Lake Street, right smack in the middle of the Uptown’s main stream, you can’t miss it!
The Menu:
They really have delicious food here; I’ve never been disappointed with what I’ve gotten.  I love their appetizers, try their jalapeño-poppers and you’ll most likely be coming back for more.  Not a jalapeño fan?  They have everything from breakfast to dinner to cheese fondue, mussels, and tofu - catering to your everyday food lover (and hipster).  One of my favorite things on the menu is their ‘Big Hippie Salad’, pictured below. 
This salad is loaded with all sorts of veggies, quinoa, green beans, avocado, peppers, and a light vinaigrette that ties it all together.  This salad is definitely a meal, you will be full!  I usually have to split this with someone and I’m still full!  Another unique thing on their menu is a ‘late night pancake feed’ which runs Sunday – Thursday after 10pm.  It’s all you can eat buttermilk pancakes for $5...something to keep in mind if you want to mix up your usual after-bar food routine (mine was always Jimmy Johns!).   I also can’t leave out that incredible beverage next to my salad.  This is their blueberry mojito, it has actual blueberries in it and is absolutely delicious!  Be careful though, this is the kind of drink you can down like juice it’s so good!  Don’t forget this is an adult beverage despite its sweet and delectable taste! 
The Price:
Things can definitely get a little spendy here if you’re not careful, watch your drinks if you want to avoid that huge feeling of guilt looking at your bank account the next day.  I’m not saying it’s over priced - given their location, great food and drinks, and awesome view, it’s probably just about right…but you be the judge!  Lunch menu ranges from around $10-$13, and dinner menu ranges from around $12-$16.  Their beer is pretty reasonable, between $4-$7 like most places and drinks usually around $7-$9.  Tuesday nights after four they have an all-you-can-eat taco fiesta for $11…not bad!
The Service:
On any given day they usually have plenty of people on staff to help you get what you want.  They do get busy…extremely busy…especially if you’re looking for roof top seating, so just keep in mind evenings and weekends are going to be crowded, get there early or make a reservation! 
This is a great place to enjoy a summer evening on their sky bar, or a Sunday morning for their bloody mary bar and breakfast.  Cafeteria has one of the best roof-top views in Uptown and fantastic food and beverages to help you enjoy your experience.  Grab a group of friends and reserve your spot! 
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  1. Spot on review! Love this place, especially the blueberry mojitos! Yum!