Monday, September 3, 2012

Kinsen Noodles and Bar

Craving a unique, relaxed spot for some great Asian food?  Try Kinsen Noodles and Bar located right on Lagoon Ave. in the heart of Uptown.  It’s relatively new with an even newer patio that just opened in the alley next to the bar.  They take their Uptown location and run with it, giving a 10% discount to individuals living in Uptown and adding a great low-key spot to enjoy some fantastic dishes at an affordable price.  Their noodles and delicious sangria keep my boyfriend and I coming back for more! 

The Menu:
Kinsen has some great selections on their menu, and I’m pretty confident in saying I most likely have tried more things on their menu than most – unless of course you work there.  My two favorites are the spring rolls and their pad thai with tofu.  The spring rolls are wrapped in a light rice-wrap, they are also much larger than you’re going to expect (which you will be pleased by) and served with mouthwatering peanut sauce.  Their pad thai is absolutely delicious, you can get meat, seafood, or tofu on it, or mix and match - did I emphasize how laid back they are yet?  They will cater to whatever you have in mind, pick a dish and if you want to change it up they are willing to do so.  They also have house sauces so if you want to spice it up you certainly have a few levels to chose from.  Also on their menu are some amazing curry dishes, ramen (fancier than the ramen you ate in college), cream cheese wontons, egg rolls, veggie tempura, short rib and much more.  Another cool thing about this place is that they provide an option for meat lovers and vegetarians, you might want to try their veggie dishes even if you aren’t vegetarian, it is all cooked with lots of flavor and prepared with care.    
Their beverage selection is nice too.  You can get some great specialty drinks here that you won’t find anywhere else, of course the  sangria, and they might have a smaller on-tap selection but they have some very decent picks like Sapporo and Sierra Nevada.

The Price:
I already mentioned the 10% discount for Uptown residents but that’s certainly not their only great deal.  They have daily specials including Thursday night date nights where you can get an appetizer, two entrees, dessert and a bottle of wine for $45.  Monday is ‘Movie Monday’ where they have happy hour all day and actually show a movie right in the restaurant starting at 9pm with a drink special that goes along with the movie.  They also have industry night on Sunday where you get 40% off if you work in the food industry.
Regular prices aren’t bad either, you can get most their noodle entrees for $11-$14, and appetizers between $5-$7.  I must say, these are better prices than the bar right across the street and the food quality and atmosphere is ten fold! 

The Service:
Friendly, down-to-earth, and laid back is exactly how I’d describe the service here.  They will get to know you, and let you get to know them.  They are personable and definitely fit well in with the Uptown crowd. 

I love this place, it’s relaxed, fun, and in the mean time you’re devouring some of the best Asian dishes in uptown.  Come here with a friend for dinner or try out one of their daily happy hour specials and get a real feel for Uptown.  I love just sitting at the bar just as much as I enjoy their outside seating where you can really take in the feel of the area.  And try one of their Sangria!
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