Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stella's Fish Cafe & Prestige Oyster Bar

I lived in Uptown for a few years so I’ve definitely visited Stella’s Fish Café & Prestige Oyster Bar on numerous occasions, but usually after hours and it was mainly beverages being consumed (they make a fantastic bloody mary…ask for the cucumber vodka).  One of the reasons I love Stella’s is for the different feel you get at each level of the bar.  You’ve got your first level which is the main bar, you’ve got your second level with banquet rooms and a big room where a lot of times live music is playing (usually Jack Johnson and Sublime covers…love!) and the rooftop level with an amazing view of Minneapolis!   But I can’t leave out one of the main things I love there – the Oysters! 

The Menu:
You can select your oysters by different locations like most oyster bars but hit Stella’s up at the right time (before 6 on a Friday) and you can get them for .69 cents each.  These are good oysters, they come in half shells on ice with horseradish and cocktail sauce (sea salt and creole spice is on the table and a must) ...oh and usually right around that time it’s two-for-ones.  You cannot beat this!

The Price:
I already mentioned the .69 cents per delicious oyster on Friday’s before 6 but their happy hours are great and plenty.   Just check out the website, they have twice daily $1 oysters and appetizer discounts too for $5.25…may I suggest the spinach/crab dip?  YUM!!

The Service:
Stella’s certainly has many faces so I’m basing my service experience not on the insane 10:30pm-12:30pm Night Owls Happy Hour on Friday or Saturday (which truthfully really isn’t too bad considering the volume and the great deals) but I’m basing it on regular happy hour or dinner times.  I’ve only once had a bad experience here with a server and I’m pretty sure it was because it was actually her last day, plus that was years ago.  Service is usually pretty good and the food usually is served pretty quickly, the oysters are definitely the quickest to come out.  Always friendly, and always seem to have a lot of people on board there for service.  By the way….fun place for bday parties!  Reserve a table!

Stella’s Fish Café and Prestige Oyster Bar is a great place for some good oysters at an amazing price.  Come on Friday after work for the Oysters and stay for the rooftop and some beverages!  Great place to go for a variety of things, definitely a fun place to check out for whatever you’re looking for.

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  1. Whoa! I suggest you go there sometime and take photos of the oysters without telling them who you are. You'll be shocked at the difference.